Davis, CA – Empower Yolo is grateful to our generous donor, Susan Starkweather Stone who helped us raise $20,000 and receive a matching donation of $20,000 from Travis Credit Union, through the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

The $40,000 received from the Travis Credit Union Foundation will allow Empower Yolo to continue to help families suffering from the effects of the pandemic including survivors of abuse, low income, homeless, and immigrant families.

“Empower Yolo is truly appreciative to be a grant recipient of the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative,” says Lynnette Irlmeier, Empower Yolo Executive Director. “We are using the funding for eviction prevention for the families hit hardest by the pandemic.  Even though there are moratoriums on evictions we know that if families get behind now, they won’t be able to catch up.  We are also providing other necessities for families like providing housing and support for victims of domestic violence with nowhere else to turn,” says Irlmeier.

Empower Yolo has been serving the community at a high rate through the COVID-19 pandemic with reduced staff by sheltering survivors of abuse and their children; continuing programs and services such as restraining orders, counseling services and food distribution; and providing emergency relief to families. The agency as a whole – from our volunteers, staff, managers, executive director to our board of directors – has been working tirelessly to ensure Empower Yolo is able to serve the most vulnerable members of our community.

We know this is a stressful time for many, however stress and uncertainty is amplified for survivors and their children that have recently experienced trauma and are displaced from their homes, or who may need immediate help.

Wonderful supporters such as Stone and programs such as the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative help Empower Yolo reach even more families who really need support at this time.

“Stuart Starkweather, a board member of Empower Yolo, informed me on the use of required minimum distributions for charitable donations from IRAs, which is important information. It is a perfect way to donate and receive tax benefits, which encouraged me to be much more generous. The matching funds from Travis Credit Union were exciting because I could actually make a difference. The COVID virus has hurt so many people and many are desperate to feed their families,” says Stone.

Partnerships with Travis Credit Union and generous donors are empowering us to truly make a difference in our community. “Even during these uncertain times our mission of promoting safe, healthy and resilient communities remains strong and constant. Together, we will move through this challenging time by weaving together our efforts to help create a safety net for those most vulnerable in our community,” says Irlmeier.

About Empower Yolo:

Established in 1977, Empower Yolo’s mission is to promote safe, healthy and resilient communities. The agency offers a twenty-four hour crisis intervention, emergency shelter, confidential counseling, training, legal assistance, and other services for individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, and child abuse. With resource centers throughout the county Empower Yolo services improve the health, social, educational and economic outcomes of Yolo County residents; and community outreach and educational programs about available resources to promote health, stability, and self-sufficiency for individuals and families. For more information go to: empoweryolo.org.

About Travis Credit Union Foundation:

Travis Credit Union Foundation supports financial education, literacy and wellness initiatives and is the philanthropic arm of Travis Credit Union. The Foundation’s mission is to build financially empowered communities and its vision is to create philanthropic solutions for building sustainable financial wellness in communities for generations to come. 100% of funds raised go back to the community. For more information about the Travis Credit Union Foundation and its COVID-19 Relief efforts go to www.TCUFUND.org

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