Summer is quickly approaching and Empower Yolo’s After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) team and shelter staff are planning Kids Day Camp summer programs for local youths and the children at Empower Yolo’s safe house.  These camps provide participants an opportunity to experience fun summer activities and provide teen volunteers an opportunity to become leaders. 

This summer, ASSETs staff is running Kids Day camp from July 22 through August 2.  This free camp is for children ages 6-12 and is open to the community.  The camp will be held at Empower Yolo’s main office in Woodland.  “This year, we are opening up our registration to 40 participants rather than 20,” says, Daniela Talavera Rangel, Director of Youth Programs at Empower Yolo. “It’s exciting to provide more high school students the opportunity to mentor and become leaders in their community.  We’re also excited to open this up to the Knights Landing community and serve younger kids,” says Talavera Rangel.

Kids Day Camp provides both fun programming for children and also offers a leadership component for teens that helps staff the camp.  ASSETs staff will be leading this camp with help from high school student volunteers from their program at Woodland High School. The camp is an opportunity for participants to take part in arts and crafts and physical activities and to help students stay connected to their peers and mentors. 

“The camp helps elementary-aged students stay connected to members in their community, but also form healthy relationships with high school mentors. It’s always been great to see how high school students form relationships with younger kids. I’ve seen them teach them many skills such as emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and how to make friends,” says Talavera Rangel.

ASSETs student volunteers learn real-life leadership skills.  “The camp teaches them how to set healthy boundaries with their peers and younger students as mentors; helps them earn their community service hours; helps them be productive and have fun over the summer; and also helps them bond with their peers and establish a sense of community within the program,” says Talavera Rangel. The camp participants have fun in a healthy environment. “For campers, it’s fun! They experience a positive way to spend their time right before they start school, they get to bond with older students, and it helps them make friendships with other students in their community,” adds Talavera Rangel.

You can register your children online through our Google Form or sign up at the front desk at the Empower Yolo.  For questions please contact Empower Yolo staff at [email protected] or call (530) 746-8043. For more information or to register online visit

Empower Yolo’s shelter staff also runs a safe, confidential Kids Day Camp for the children residing at the safe house for the summer.  This camp is special and only for the youths at the safe house.  Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Davis Empower Yolo’s summer camp for the children at the safe house was funded for the entire summer.  

The Kids Day Camp at the safe house offers an enriching 8-week program designed to provide daily enjoyable activities for the children residing at the safe house during the summer months. The child advocate provides a diverse range of programs such as arts and crafts, sports, outdoor activities, and fun Friday field trips. 

“This summer camp is so important to the families and children at the safe house because of safety concerns and lack of resources the children are not able to participate in traditional camps offered in the community. Kids Day Camp bridges this gap, offering a nurturing and safe environment where children can have fun, try new experiences, build confidence, and thrive,” says Sonia Jimenez, Shelter Director at Empower Yolo.

Empower Youth Service Club members from Davis High School and Emerson Junior High School volunteer as camp counselors to staff this special camp.  “These students support Empower Yolo and the safe house all year round. Many of these kids have been volunteering in different capacities and donating to help the families at the safe house for years,” says Jimenez.  Empower Youth members also facilitate outreach with their teen peers at school and raise awareness about issues such as teen dating violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, hunger and homelessness awareness, and so much more.

This camp is not only fun for the participants and student volunteers, but it also strives to instill essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, friendship, communication, and responsibility in the youth.  Kids Day Camp is a special opportunity that offers participants a chance to enjoy fun summer activities in a safe and positive environment while also giving teen volunteers the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. 

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