Dear Community,

As an organization committed to promoting safe, healthy and resilient communities, Empower Yolo unequivocally believes that Black lives matter and will continue to advocate for and support those most marginalized by racism, police brutality, and other types of violence. Empower Yolo condemns police brutality and stands in solidarity with the Black community and all those fighting to end systematic racism and anti-Blackness.

We recognize that domestic violence, sexual violence, and state-sanctioned violence are all intertwined and our work to end domestic and sexual violence must be done with a racial justice lens.  While Empower Yolo provides many resources to those seeking to utilize the legal system as survivors, we recognize that these systems often do not support and even harm Black and brown communities. We are committed to survivor centered solutions that offer multiple strategies to seek justice and healing.

We support our clients and community who are out there fighting for Black lives, whether it is by participating in protests, taking the time to educate themselves and their loved ones, or other forms of advocacy. We call upon our community to unite in dismantling racism and anti-Blackness and we commit to continue to support our Black and brown clients. Stand with Empower Yolo as we continue in our mission of promoting safe, healthy and resilient communities for all.

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