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Empower Yolo Celebrates its 40th Anniversary                                     March 5, 2017                 Davis Enterprise

Empower Yolo Pilot Project Aims to Better Serve Victims of Abuse            February 5, 2017                Davis Enterprise

Empower Yolo Focuses on Teen Dating Violence and More         January 13, 2017                     Davis Enterprise

Empower Yolo Paints the County Purple                                        October 1, 1016            Daily Democrat


Classes lead by Kim Coontz of CCCD and Josie Enriquez of Empower Yolo teach prospective co-op members.

Local Worker Co-op Promotes Empowerment and Green Cleaning  

October 13, 2016          Davis Enterprise


 Teens are the Focus of Two Thriving Programs                 September 4, 2016        Davis Enterprise

  Play School Experience gives tots a head start                   July 31, 2016                    Davis Enterprise

  Promotoras serve as treasured mentors                              May 1, 2016                       Davis Enterprise

   Empower Yolo Expands Services                                             March 23, 2016               Davis Vanguard

   Hope Happens because of You                                                 Feb 25, 2016                      Home Aid Sacramento

   Sponsors of Empower Yolo to Be Honored                           Feb 12, 2016                      Daily Democrat

   Empower Yolo: Agency powers up its Board                        Feb 7, 2016                        Davis Enterprise


Empower Yolo merges with Center for Families                  January 6, 2016                 Daily Democrat

Empower Yolo & Center for Families Merge                         January 3, 2016                 Davis Enterprise

Shelter expansion aids victims of domestic violence          December 10, 2015          Davis Enterprise

‘Seven’ tells story of correcting injustices                              July 31, 2015                       Daily Democrat

Empower Yolo educates Davis Parents on Sexual Assault                                                Davis Enterprise

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