Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-housing, Transitional Housing, Wallace and Vannucci Emergency Shelter:

Wallace and Vanucci Shelter

The confidential Wallace and Vanucci Shelter is Yolo County’s only 24-hour emergency shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence, sexual abuse or human trafficking. The thirty-five bed facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The shelter offers safe refuge, a comprehensive empowerment program, therapeutic services, and case management to women and children who have been victimized by violence.  Access to the shelter is available 24/7 through the crisis line at 530.662.1133

 Homeless Prevention & Re-Housing

The Yolo Center for Families is the homeless rapid re-housing provider for Yolo County. We serve as the lead for the Rapid Re-housing Program and we received additional funding to  provide prevention services  under HUD’s Emergency Solution Grant program. The program works in conjunction with all of the area’s traditional homeless providers, emergency shelters, and transitional housing programs. Maintaining or moving homeless clients into permanent housing is the objective of the program; however, we continue working on ways to address the underlying causes of homelessness to develop long-term success. Under the program, homeless clients can receive financial assistance for rental assistance, security and utility deposits, legal assistance, and credit repair. Our program requires participants to partake in intensive case management and financial coaching.

Transitional Housing

Empower Yolo provides transitional housing to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking who may not qualify for other types of assistance.  This limited program can help qualified individuals with the short-term assistance they need to escape violence in their lives.